Future Directions say that now is not the time to drop career goals

If you’re reading this, you have made it through the first half of a calendar year like no other you’ve experienced in your life time - and with any luck won’t experience again. 

For some, simply getting through the rest of this year and starting fresh in January 2021 is the decided strategy.  

For others (such as us young property professionals), that strategy may be more of a difficult pill to swallow. The widespread effect of COVID-19 has seen unprecedented measures being taken and, in turn, has no doubt had adverse impacts on people’s ability to achieve KPIs, goals, objectives and other professional milestones for FY2019/20. For those people, the notion of simply ‘writing off’ the balance of 2020 - and therefore the first half of FY2020/21 - may simply be untenable. 

We are, at this point in time, fortunate in South Australia in how we have responded and how we are slowly recovering to various degrees of normality in business, social events and toilet paper stock levels. 

For young property professionals, particularly those who are career orientated or simply wish to achieve their life goals and dreams, I encourage you all not to allow 2020 to simply be a ‘blip’. Don’t allow your results or performances in successive financial years to be below the standard you want it to be – keep striving for the career outcomes you want. 

Sit down and plan what you want to achieve for the rest of 2020 and what you want to achieve in FY2020/21 and think about how you’re going to do it. It won’t magically ‘just happen’ and it’s unlikely someone else will make it happen for you. It’s also unlikely that what may have worked before COVID, will get it done now.  

Learn, adapt, improvise and be innovative in the way you go about your work – don’t be a sheep within your industry or business - and then work hard. 

It can be very easy to fall in the digital trap of continuing reliance on emails only and ‘Zoom’ calls, but never underestimate or forget the importance of personal experience and connection that only a face to face meeting provides - particularly in a city like Adelaide which is renowned for two degrees of separation! 

I believe business and property confidence in South Australia will continue to bounce back - it may not be ‘as we know it’ from before, but I think it’ll be bigger and better than ever. 

Keep an eye and ear out for the return of our Future Direction events in 2020, we can’t wait to see you there.