Smart Tenancies – Schneider Electric

South Australia commercial office property may not be at the heights of Sydney & Melbourne however whether a tenancy is paying $15kpa or $25kpa per fully serviced workplace (desk) this is an expensive operating cost.
This fact along with changes to flexible working and employee wellbeing mean that landlords, tenants and architects need to review their work spaces.

Tenants looking to avoid increasing their footprint or downsizing or just rightsizing can make significant changes to an operator’s balance sheet. Over $700kpa can be realised by cutting 50 workspaces from your tenancy’s operating costs or more by managing a potential expansion or even by introducing other parts of their business into the space. 

Whilst this initially looks counterproductive to the landlord consider how this could increase tenant retention or even allow increased sqm rental fees for a premium technology tenancy. 

Example - Whilst building ‘A’ leasing agent offers 3,000sqm to accommodate a 250+ person tenancy, building ‘B’ equipped with flexible working technology could accommodate the same total staffing with a 2500sqm offer. Even with a premium rate on the 2,500sqm, the Building ‘B’ tenant is paying less to accommodate their employees and the Landlord getting a higher rent/sqm and potentially more tenants in their building. 

These solutions therefore are as relevant for a large single tenancy building as for smaller multiple tenancies that are more typical, but not exclusive to, Adelaide.

Schneider Electric’s Workplace Advisor offers wireless Utilisation and Wellness (light, noise, air quality, temperature, humidity) sensing through a cloud hosted solution to offer real-time and historical data to allow operators to make informed decisions affecting their tenancy and their employees. The minimal infrastructure necessary for deployment means there is never a bad time to consider this opportunity. The market is pushing wellness management in buildings and solutions for different tenancy requirements - the early adopters will reap the benefits.

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 Written by: Alan Chalmers, Corporate Account Manager, Schneider Electric, Adelaide, Future Trends & Innovations Committee member, Property Council, SA