SKYCITY site tour review

If you noticed an abnormal number of 'corporates' wearing steel cap boots on Monday 9 September, we may be able to shed some light on that situation. 

Through the Future Directions Committee and Skycity Adelaide, approximately 60 members of the Property Council of Australia got to experience a site tour of six of the ten levels of the new $330 million Skycity Adelaide Casino expansion currently under construction on the Adelaide Riverbank. 

At each level, we were treated to a presentation of insights and experiences from key members of the various companies involved with the project. 

Whilst it was definitely one of those experiences that needed to be seen to be believed, we thought we would share some of our highlights of the insights and experiences below: 

Level 10 - Scott Brumfield, Construction Manager, Hansen Yuncken

  • We walked on the rooftop only days after the second to last pour of cement occurred!
  • There will be a rooftop bar accessible by the public on the top floor (get your bookings in early!)
  • Details of the glass 

Level 4 - Mark Berlangleri, Associate Director, Walter Brooke

  • All of the interior furnishings will be original.
  • Whilst there are no crystal chandeliers, there will be textured walls
  • Some of the accommodation within SkyCity will have balconies, something which very few casinos around the world offer. The balustrades on those balconies are required to be higher than is usually required...
  • The showers are designed to accommodate two people at the same time.

Level 3 – Tom Bernard, Director, Rider Levett Bucknall

  • Not a public space yet but popular function space
  • How many square metres/kg of glass
  • BIM allows building & services efficiencies to pinpoint service connections throughout the building reducing ceiling to floor height

Level 2 – Paul Koehne, Senior Structural Engineer, Aurecon

  • Building is stand alone as Adelaide is due for another earthquake
  • Weight of the pool 

Level 1 – Martin Stone, Senior Electrical Services Engineer, Lucid Consulting

  • A false floor is included to the gaming area to facilitate easy changes to the arrangement of table and games on this floor.

Level 1 & Ground – Scott Bell, Development Manager – Casino Expansion, Skycity

  • The initial building design was completely different to how it has been finalised today.
  • The curvature of the building was designed as the “feminine” response to the “masculinity” of the hard exterior of the historic railway station and existing Casino. 

We would like to thank SkyCity Adelaide, Hansen Yuncken, Aurecon, Rider Levett Bucknall, Walter Brooke, Lucid Consulting Australia and Buchan Group for all the time and efforts put into making the site tour such a success. 

We cannot wait to see the building when it is completed - and are particularly excited about the pool and balcony on Level 3. 

Finally, to address the question we know has been on your mind the whole time you have been reading this article… yes, there is a gigantic safe like the one in Ocean’s 11, but no, they would not tell us where it was (we asked). 

Written by Cianan Hehir, Chair and Milly Nott, Deputy Chair, SA Future Directions Committee.