An ANZAC Day unlike any other

An extraordinary ANZAC Day under extraordinary circumstances

ANZAC Day was a day unlike so many others as the world continues to adjust to life under COVID-19.

The residents of the Village Yeronga have already demonstrated their capability to adapt to these significant changes.

Having featured on several mainstream media programs hosting balcony exercise classes and similar initiatives aimed at combatting social isolation, the Village Yeronga is proving to be an industry leader in innovation.

ANZAC Day was still observed around the country from the ends of driveways and on television, however this community found a way to make sure that this special day was still observed.

Residents of the community lined the main driveway and residents paid their respects from their balconies at 6am on ANZAC Day.

Sir Leo Hielscher, an icon of Queensland industry who is eponymously linked to two bridges over the Brisbane river, was amongst the residents who came out to pay their respects, many proudly displaying service medals.

“It’s a tremendous roll out and the service was just right, wasn’t it? This roll out this morning was very heartening.”

Sir Leo who enlisted in 1946 at the age of 18, was a part of the Australian Armed Forces in the Second World War and the subsequent occupation of Japan.

Two long term residents of the village, Elizabeth Bock and Janet Vallino both shared their experience of how they were coping with COVID-19, sharing overwhelmingly positive feedback about village life.

“We have this wonderful exercise program three mornings a week and we all get out on our balconies and the physiotherapist leads us all in exercises. I have to stress to you, management have gone over the top to look after us, it has just been marvellous,” said Ms Bock, a resident of ten and a half years.

“We can stand there and do our exercises and wave to all of our colleagues and friends and you feel connected,” Ms Vallino added.

Resident morale is high during these unprecedented times and this bodes well for the retirement living industry as a whole.

“I’m really happy, I don’t feel concerned about this isolation at all. We have to really give credit to our (village) manager.”