Assistance with Census of Population and Housing 

The Census is the largest statistical collection undertaken by the ABS, and one of the largest logistical exercises in Australia. The Census measures the number and characteristics of people in Australia on Census night. Information from the Census helps governments, businesses and not for profit organisations across the country make decisions. It informs planning for schools, healthcare, transport and infrastructure. It is also used by community groups to help plan local services for individuals, families and communities. 

The Retirement Living Council has been asked by the ABS to assist in raising awareness about the upcoming Census and the approach that they will be taking this year. 

Here's what will happen
A Census staff member will contact the manager of the retirement village between 24 May and 21 June. Together, they will get ready to ensure everyone staying at the Retirement Village on Census night completes a form. 

This will include planning for a Census field staff officer to: 

  • facilitate access to the village 
  • supply people with forms
  • collect completed forms from people
  • follow up with people who have not returned or completed their forms.

When visiting retirement villages, the Census Field Staff are aware of and carefully follow the Census COVID-19 Staff Incident Protocol and the retirement villages' own COVID-19 requirements. 

Field staff will visit each resident between 24 July and 9 August to drop off a Household Form, instruction sheet, and a reply-paid envelope. Residents have the option to complete the Census online or using the Household form. 

From 10 August, a Field Officer will make a return visit to follow up completion of the Census. 

For more information about the Census, FAQs, or to get help near you go to