Signatories Briefing Wrap Up

The Retirement Living Council hosted an exclusive high-level briefing for Signatories to the Retirement Living Code of Conduct on Thursday 3 September 2020.

The event started with Megan Hobson the Code Administrator, and Dr Elizabeth Lanyon the Independent Chair of the Code Review Panel talking to deliver a brief overview of the development of Code resources and the complaints handling process.

There has been some level of uncertainty from operators and residents alike surrounding the complaints process associated with the Code. Ms Hobson took time to speak to these issues more broadly.

“I just want to point out that I have one point of contact in each organisation, your Code Compliance Officer, I don’t liaise with anyone else. This allows me to bring the concerns directly to you, but I don’t anticipate that you will send it back down the line to perhaps the person that made the complaint,

“I want to be really clear; I only liaise with one person in your organisation.” she said.

Dr Lanyon was also keen to report on the feedback that she has encountered during her involvement with the Code to date, particularly the kinds of questions that she receives from operators.

“We have been asked several times what success (of the Code) would look like, and Megan has just indicated one way, and that is we are receiving complaints.

“We’re not afraid of complaints, and I don’t think that operators are either and it is with these complaints that we can come to understand what the true needs of residents are.” said Dr Lanyon.

Following these updates, we were then joined by Kylie Radburn who is the director of KRA Consulting.

Ms Radburn has played a large role in establishing the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVAS), most importantly, she took the time to explain the relationship between the ARVAS Standards and the Code.

“It was felt that it was important that there be a relationship between the Code and the Standards.

“I think the Standards quite cleverly align with the Code, as each Standard in ARVAS states which part of the Code gives it meaning.”