NABERS and Retirement Living

National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is a national government program that rates the environmental performance buildings. It is expanding to include the retirement living sector this financial year, through the NABERS Accelerate program .

The project is in its initial phase, and NABERS is looking to work with retirement living operators to:

  • Have a representative from their organisation on the NABERS advisory panel to provide inputs and to learn about the NABERS rating product development process. The first meeting (teleconference) is scheduled for 1 September.
  • Provide data on site characteristics and annual energy/water use to enable benchmarking for the sector, where available.

Recent NABERS statistics demonstrate the merits of this initiative, with 78% of Australia’s office space currently rated with NABERS. Alongside $1billion in energy bills saved by users, and a reduction of 7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The retirement living industry, as it grows exponentially, is going to require greater and greater energy needs. Operators have a unique and easy opportunity to have an active role in the NABERS rating product development process.

There are potentially significant collective benefits for the retirement industry as a whole, and it is encouraged for operators to contribute to this initiative. The benefits associated with a NABERS rating are demonstrated through the progress made by other sectors in the property industry.

It gives you knowledge of how your building performance leads to reduced operating costs, and increased market value. It also encourages optimal building operations which means a reduction in emissions, waste to landfill and water wasted.

If you wish to participate in the teleconference on 1 September and/or provide data, please contact Leida Pirts | E: