Utility solutions for retirement villages

As land around major cities in Australia becomes more valuable and harder to find, retirement village operators are increasingly looking at vertical solutions for their new villages. These apartment-style villages lend themselves perfectly to embedded power networks, centralised hot water systems and the more recently, the inclusion of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems.

With retirees often relying on fixed, moderate incomes, these utility solutions can provide a significant reduction in energy costs and increased peace of mind to residents. Furthermore, engaging a specialist embedded network operator can allow village managers more time and energy to focus on their most important asset - their residents.

Negotiation of energy contracts, maintenance of plant equipment and billing functions are just some of the costly and time-consuming tasks that can be taken off the desks of village managers.

The introduction of PV solar systems has further allowed embedded network operators to provide a greater level of energy discounts to residents, whilst providing a sustainability point of difference to village operators looking to market their village to potential residents.

However, it is important to ensure the correct size of system is installed as the technology is still reasonably expensive and the selling of excess power back to the grid can be complicated and not as financially lucrative as it once was. Oversized solar systems can often result in an extended payback period without providing much, if any, extra energy savings.

Embedded network specialists such as Savant Energy can fund the installation of embedded power networks, centralised hot water systems and integrate renewable and emerging technology such as electric vehicle charging.  Savant Energy works with village operators, managers and residents to design a solution that provides the maximum benefit to the village without over capitalising.

This article was provided by Savant Energy, the energy retail partner of the Retirement Living Council. If your existing village or new development is considering an embedded network, contact Dan Porter, Senior Business Development Manager, on 0402 438 596 or visit the website at www.savantenergy.com.au to see how they might be able to assist in providing you and your residents with a competitive energy solution.