Mapping update

The Queensland Government has released its annual update of the State’s Koala Habitat and Regulated Vegetation mapping.

The Koala Habitat mapping is updated annually in keeping with the Government’s Koala Conservation Strategy Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement framework.

Koala Habitat now spans 714,040 hectares of land across South-East Queensland, which includes 332,278 hectares of Koala Priority Area- heavily protected under the planning framework.

Refinements to the mapping have seen a net reduction in Koala Habitat, however new inclusions to the areas mapped are expected to adversely impact the supply of residential and industrial land in South-East Queensland.

The impacts of the updated mapping are most likely to be felt in the Logan Local Government Area.

The Property Council has long been committed to working with Government on a strategic approach to the preservation and conservation of koalas, that also balances the need for affordable, well-located residential and employment lands.

Given Government’s commitment to addressing the twin issues of affordability and land supply, it is disappointing that the updated maps further erode the availability of developable land within the urban footprint. 

To access the updated Koala Habitat maps and the updated Regulated Vegetation Management  maps, click here.


Landowners seeking to make, amend or revoke a Koala Habitat area determination can apply to do so here.

Landowners seeking to amend Regulated Vegetation Management maps can do so through the PMAV process here. Landholders with an existing PMAV for their property will not be affected by the vegetation management mapping updates.

Development Assessment

The new mapping will not be applied retrospectively. Development applications that were properly made prior to the release of the updated mapping must be assessed against the mapping in effect when the application was made.

If you have any feedback or case studies on the mapping updates, the Property Council’s advocacy team would love to hear from you.