Townhouse TLPI Refused

The State Government has rejected Brisbane City Council’s Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) aimed at restricting townhouse development and has instead placed consultation conditions on Council progressing its Major Amendment Package H.

Prior to preparing the TLPI and submitting it to the Queensland Government for approval, Brisbane City Council proposed to formally amend the Brisbane City Plan 2014 to restrict townhouses being developed in the Low Density Residential zone.  The package of amendments is formally known as Major Amendment Package H.

In approving the progression of the Major Amendment Package H the Government has requested Council develop a comprehensive strategy that allows community and industry to understand the amendment package, and the flow on effects it will have on housing affordability and diversity.

The major amendment to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 is being proposed as a result of Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Future Blueprint, a document that was created following consultation with the community in 2018.

The Property Council has been a vocal opponent of the proposed TLPI and Amendment Package H, which will place concerning restrictions on residential development, at a time when housing diversity is needed to keep pace with demand and retain affordability.

The Property Council will prepare a submission on the proposed Major Amendment Package H and will continue advocating for housing diversity and affordability.

The Property Council’s previous submission is available below.