Planning Update

A number of local and state government planning related decisions impacting the property industry have been released.

Bowen Hills PDA
Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has updated the Bowen Hills Priority Development Area (PDA) development scheme to guide future development within the precinct.

The PDA covers 108 hectares of land, including the Brisbane Showgrounds, the Old Museum, Perry Park, Bowen Park, the Exhibition Railway Station, and the Bowen Hills Railway Station.

The Property Council provided feedback in December 2018. Pleasingly, several amendments within the development scheme have incorporated industry feedback.  These changes include a more flexible approach to achieving the communal open space requirements.

Under the revised development scheme, new residential developments must now provide 10 per cent of floor area as 3 or more-bedroom dwellings, with the intention of providing housing choices for families who want to live close to jobs and public services.

Infrastructure incentives have been introduced to offset the requirement to provide 10 per cent of floor area with 3 or more-bedroom dwellings within the PDA, and new developments will be required to meet a minimum sustainability rating.

The updated development scheme took effect on 21 June 2019. Details of the changes can be found here.

Brisbane City Council Car Parking Amendments
Proposed amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 would see car parking requirements increased for residential developments across Brisbane, outside the City Core and City Frame areas.

The proposed changes that have been endorsed by Council, however not yet released for public consultation, would require new multiple dwelling development to comply with the following minimum car parking rates:

- 1 per 1-bedroom dwelling
- 2 per 2-bedroom dwelling
- 2 per 3-bedroom dwelling
- 2.5 per 4-bedroom or more dwelling
- 0.25 spaces per dwelling for visitor parking

The Property Council will provide a submission on the proposed changes, outlining concerns over the cost implications of providing additional parking in residential developments, which will make property less affordable.

Draft Infrastructure Charges Resolution
The Property Council has provided feedback to Townsville City Council’s Draft Infrastructure Charges Resolution 2019/20.

Throughout the submission, the Property Council called for a review of the rooming unit and dwelling unit rates, which are well above CPI.

To target and stimulate development activity in Townsville, the submission called for a review that reflects actual growth, and accounts for external funding provided by trunk infrastructure through government grants.

The Property Council submission can be downloaded below.