Councils set to increase transparency of infrastructure spending

The Queensland State Government has progressed amendments that will increase transparency around how councils are spending developer infrastructure charges.

From 1 January 2020, councils will be required to publish online the value of infrastructure charges they receive, and how these funds are spent. This will include publishing information such as infrastructure charges notices and documents used in the review, making or amendment of a local government infrastructure plan.

Th Property Council has long advocated that the lack of transparency around the collection and spending of infrastructure charges has contributed to community concerns that development occurs without the necessary local infrastructure upgrades.

“What is often not understood is that all new developments are required to make a significant contribution to the cost of upgrading local government infrastructure as part of their approval.” Queensland Property Council Executive Director, Chris Mountford said.

“Until now, it has been difficult for the community to see the expected correlation between growth and development, and the associated infrastructure that should be delivered by council.     

“These amendments will allow everyone from across government, industry and the community to better understand and keep tabs on how these levies are contributing to local infrastructure upgrades.” Said Mr Mountford.

Further information on the proposed infrastructure charges amendments can be found here.