Parties respond to Property Council Proposals

Before the start of the State Election campaign, the Property Council provided its policy platform to all political parties and candidates. The 22 policy recommendations contained in the document represent a pathway to UNLOCK ECONOMIC ACTIVITY, CREATE JOBS and BUILD CONFIDENCE in Queensland. 

The Property Council has now received formal responses from:

While many of the policy positions held by these parties have been well-publicised over recent weeks, these responses have provided clarity on some of the key areas of interest for the property industry.

Labor have committed to extend the current $5,000 boost to the First Home Buyers Grant for a further 6 months. While the LNP have committed to make better use of surplus Government-owned land and reform the Market Led Proposals framework.

Importantly, all three parties have provided in principle support for strata reform, a long-standing advocacy priority of the Property Council.

Both major parties have expressed support for an SEQ City Deal, an initiative that now enjoys bi-partisan and cross—jurisdictional support.

While many of the responses have not delivered definitive answers to our proposals, they do provide a platform for the Property Council to build from in our post-election advocacy work with the newly elected parliament.