Planning Update - developments and current planning commission projects 


The Minister for Infrastructure Planning and Logistics rejects Blake Street development and ticks off the Charles Darwin University Project with provisions.

The Minister has rejected the application for the rezoning of 16 and 25 Blake Street, the gardens from Community Purpose to Specific Use Zoning.


Rezoning of this land would have allowed for the high and medium density residential development.

The reasons for the rejection of the application are:

  • The scale and density of the development
  • The significance of the Botanical Gardens
  • Lack of evidence surrounding the road network 


On the same day, the Minister approved the development of the CDU Education and Community Precinct in the CBD.

This approval does however, come with conditions to ensure the development s reflective of community values.


The conditions that must be endorsed prior to work include:

  • A Tree Protection Plan for the heritage listed Baobab tree and Milkwood Trees
  • Additional details around energy efficiency through climate control measures
  • Additional information to address the colours and materials to be used b the final design.