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Industry welcomes Government’s new land strategy

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the release of the Queensland Government’s new strategy to put surplus and underutilized government-owned land to better work for the state’s economy and communities.

Property Council Queensland Executive Director, Chris Mountford, said that the Advancing our cities and regions strategy sends a clear signal to the private sector that the Government is serious about using its land holdings to better catalyze economic activity and urban renewal projects across the state.

“The new strategy makes a very bold statement that the Queensland Government is ready and willing to partner with the private sector to transform surplus government land holdings into exciting new development projects. This will not only create jobs, and boost economic activity but generate exciting new urban spaces for local communities,” Mr Mountford said.

The Advancing our cities and regions strategy will see Economic Development Queensland lead the search within the State Government to identify surplus land parcels for redevelopment and renewal across eight designated zones.

“The Government’s new approach appears to be an open invitation for the property sector to bring forward innovative urban renewal opportunities up and down the state,” Mr Mountford said.

“From Cross River Rail related development, to regional revitalization projects, there is a lot of economic and community potential in this new approach.”

“Land parcels currently growing weeds will be put to good use, creating jobs and economic activity.”

“This initiative is a significant and positive shift in thinking about how surplus and underutilized government land can be used strategically by the State Government. It’s a move away from piecemeal land sales to a coordinated and concerted approach to place-making.”

“The property industry will be looking to this initiative as a catalyst for significant investment.”

“Putting idle property holdings to better use makes perfect fiscal sense for the Queensland Government at this point in time.” 

“This announcement is a win for taxpayers, a win for employment and a big win for local communities.”