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Property Council kicks off ‘Jabs Protect Jobs’ Campaign 

As our nation continues to suffer from set backs that low vaccination rates bring, the ACT Division of the Property Council of Australia has created its ‘Jabs Protect Jobs’ campaign to help support our economy, community and professions.

ACT Executive Director of the Property Council Adina Cirson, called on her Canberra members to help promote the importance of COVID Vaccinations and to lead the way through getting vaccinated.

Jabs Protect Jobs is a clear message designed to get our members to support their workers to get vaccinated and in turn raise our vaccinated workforce,” Ms Cirson said.

“We are in a unique position to get a head of the curve with more than 12 months without a known COVID transmission in the community, and we know that Canberrans are leading the way on vaccination rates.

“But we must not be complacent – and getting vaccinated – is the only way to prevent a potential lockdown and the devastating economic impacts they bring.  Canberra is resilient, and we have been lucky, but the only way to ensure we remain COVID free is to get the ‘Jab’.”

Ms Cirson said Canberra has a golden opportunity.

“With the Building and Construction sector employing one in six Canberrans and contributing enormously to our economy, we are well positioned to promote the message of getting vaccinated to protect jobs here in the ACT,” she said.

“We are following the lead by the Federal and ACT Governments to promote the importance of vaccinations, and we calling on our members to support the ‘Jabs Protect Jobs’ campaign and promote the following messages to their staff, friends and family.”

That is:

  • Getting vaccinated protects yourself, loved ones, friends and the wider community.
  • Australia’s approved vaccines are very effective at preventing severe illness from COVID-19.
  • Vaccines are the best chance we have to help end the pandemic.
  • It is one thing we can all do to help beat COVID-19.

ACT Property Council members are being asked to post to social media and adopt the email signature to create awareness of the importance of our workforce being vaccinated as soon as possible.

Media contact:  Adina Cirson |M 0429 579 972 |E [email protected]