Victoria is proud to have a membership of more than 500 companies representing all aspects of the state's growing property industry.  Of these members, some 190 are core members which own or manage property, while more than 300 are associate members providing essential services to the sector. To discuss joining the Property Council of Australia please contact Danielle Trudgeon on 03 9650 8300.


Accumwealth Financial Services Pty Ltd Associate Member 18 Jan 2019
Star Properties (Alexandria) Pty Ltd Core Member 16 Jan 2019
Tong Eng Group Core Member 16 Jan 2019
Orangrove Consulting Associate Member 16 Jan 2019
Business Concepts Group Associate Member 13 Dec 2018
Engineering Elements Associate Member 04 Dec 2018
Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd Associate Member 03 Dec 2018
Golden Investment Projects Pty Ltd Core Member 01 Dec 2018
Pacific National Core Member 01 Dec 2018