“Purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) provides our young people with the high-quality homes they need to study, relax and enjoy their student years.”

“High quality student housing reduces the pressure on private rentals and injects life and vibrancy into our cities.”

“While PBSA is a relatively new alternative asset class in Australia, it is catching the attention of investors from around the world.”

Torie Brown – Student Accommodation Executive Director

What is the Student Accommodation Council?

The Student Accommodation Council is a newly formed (May 2022) division of the Property Council of Australia. It exists to provide advocacy for the growing Purpose Built Student Accommodation Sector Australia wide.

Our focus is:

Growth - Support the purpose built student accommodation sector to become the housing option of choice for students in Australia.

Education - Increase awareness about the important economic, social and wellbeing impacts of the sector amongst policy makers, investors, educational institutions and the public.

Unity - Work with the entire education supply chain to strengthen relationships between institutions, accommodation providers and all levels of government. 

Consistency - Provide consistent regulatory frameworks for PBSA providers across Australia – ensuring an even playing field that encourages investment regardless of jurisdiction.

Bounce Back - Assist the sector to bounce back after the Covid-19 border closures and ensure that future government decision makers have representation from PBSA at the highest levels.