Message from the President

Property and construction have transformed South Australia’s economy and CBD skyline, and with the right policy settings will continue to do so despite the challenging conditions presented by COVID-19.

Adrian Esplin – South Australian President (Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Constructions PTY LTD)

I’ve been working in the industry for nearly three decades and I’ve seen a lot of disruptors, from the 1990s recession ‘we had to have’, to the dot com crash, to the GFC and now a health crisis that has turned into an economic crisis.

There is always an end point to any crisis. Everything is cyclical. The underlying fundamentals of our economy are pretty good, we just have to get through this phase together.

This unprecedented time is also encouraging unprecedented cooperation between industry and community groups, governments and unions.

There will be innovations in every sector of the economy and that will spin off into new opportunities for our industry, because we’re the ones who create places for people..

The current COVID crisis has emphasised the property industry’s economic contribution - Australia's biggest industry, property contributes $202.9 billion, or 13 per cent, of GDP annually and employs 1.4 million people. We are an essential part of South Australia’s economy and will be integral to its recovery.

I’m confident that we’ll get through this and look back at what we were able to achieve when we all rolled up our sleeves and worked together.