New South Wales is proud to have a membership of more than 660 companies representing all aspects of the state's growing property industry.  Of these members, 253 are core members which own or manage property while 412 are associate members providing essential services to the sector. To discuss joining the Property Council of Australia please contact Kiki Heffernan on 02 9033 1954.

Alleanza Architecture Associate Member 25 Feb 2020
Rook Partners Associate Member 25 Feb 2020
8 Capital Core Member 19 Feb 2020
New Young Consulting Associate Member 17 Feb 2020
9Springs Pty Ltd Associate Member 14 Feb 2020
Interior Construction Group (ICG) Associate Member 14 Feb 2020
Laver Associate Member 12 Feb 2020
Oxford Properties Core Member 12 Feb 2020
Cliffbrook Capital Associate Member 11 Feb 2020
McGregor Coxall Associate Member 06 Feb 2020
NSW Member Benefits
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