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StreamWaste Australia 

STREAM, with its innovative Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) ensures waste is streamlined, fuss-free and efficient. The process is simple. AWCS collects and transports garbage in a sealed, underground system directly to a central collection centre located away from inhabitants. Understanding each development is unique, our system can provide for customised solutions.


  • Chutes feed waste into system;
  • Storage section holds waste between transport cycles;
  • Primary air inlet creates a high-speed air path in pipe network;
  • Discharge valves open allowing waste into the active air path;
  • Transport pipes form waste paths between storage chambers and Central Waste Handling Facility (CWHF);
  • Outdoor load stations feed smaller waste quantities into system.


  • Single point waste collections for Precinct developments;
  • Eliminates Sulo bins outside developments;
  • Maintains recyclables;
  • Maintains clean environment without overflow;
  • Facilitates waste to energy solutions;
  • Easy installation of 400mm diameter steel pipe;
  • Contains odour.



  • Ultra Large Outdoor Waste Loading System: Integrated feeder unit where workers haul various bins to load station and tip garbage into system. Garbage is fed into underground vacuum pipes for transport to CWHF.
  • Regular Public Outdoor Load Station (Litter Bin System): Each bin is connected to an underground waste transport pipe. When a bin has reached capacity, sensors activate the discharge valve, waste is sucked into underground pipes, to CWHF.
  • Food Waste System: Manages food waste better than any AWCS in the world, proven to be compact, scalable and energy/cost-efficient. Captures food waste from kitchens, collects in containers or delivers to food waste treatment plants.


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