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Leverage the Property Council’s reach for your advertising

The Property Council is proud to offer top quality, uniquely targeted advertising opportunities that enable you to expand your advertising reach to the most valuable industry-based target audience and represent a high value return for your advertising investment.. 

Advertising opportunities span across three main channels: the wide-reaching but highly targeted Property Australia digital newsletter and blog, the Property Council’s exclusive printed Membership Directory and the Retirement Living digital newsletter.


Property Australia

The Property Council of Australia is the leading advocate for Australia’s biggest industry – property.

The Property Australia EDM and blog, published weekly and distributed to over 60,000 subscribers, provides a cutting-edge platform to tell the industry’s proud story, and provides a sophisticated environment in which to maximise advertiser impact. 

Property Australia, produced by a team of expert professionals, provides insights into the latest trends and developments across the property industry, showcasing research, statistics and opinion from a range of leading organisations, and frequently generates mainstream media coverage of featured stories.

Our audience includes Australia’s most senior and influential property industry executives, representing the full spectrum of the property industry, who are literally responsible for shaping our nation. Our digital newsletter hits the inboxes of decision makers at all levels of the Property Council’s 2200 member companies and their employees, as well as industry experts, key policy makers and journalists. With strong open and click through rates, advertisers can truly connect and engage with the industry.

Property Australia offers a broad range of advertising solutions, providing options to suit all needs and budgets. 

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Sample editions

14 August 2019

24 July 2019

3 July 2019

30 October 2019

Media contact

To submit a press release or story, email [email protected] or call Karen Jamal at 0412 179 135.

Want to advertise in Property Australia?

Property Australia offers a broad range of advertising solutions as well as comprehensive analytics and reporting. From our sought-after sponsored posts, which offer a  longer-form platform for communicating your message to banner advertisements and advertising tiles integrated with our top stories, our dedicated communications team can work with you to build a bespoke package, including social media optimisation, tailored to meet your individual needs.

For more information or to request a mediakit, email [email protected].

Additional Information

Sponsored posts 

Sponsored posts are the most in-demand advertising offering across our channels and the perfect medium for thought leadership. They operate like an advertorial, providing a longer-form, topical and highly engaging way to communicate your message.  
We offer two types of sponsored posts per week:

1. Featured Sponsored Post – this sits in a premium position across the EDM and blog. It includes; a blurb and image in the EDM (it is the only sponsored post featured here), a top position on the blog home page, an additional promotion on the homepage image slider which sits at the top of the homepage and LinkedIn promotion. It will hold the featured sponsored position for a week on the blog, until the next edition of Property Australia.

2. Sponsored Post – the blog platform offers the option to include an additional sponsored post each week which sits on the homepage of the blog for one week. This sponsored post will also be promoted on LinkedIn. 
All sponsored posts include:
A URL to your chosen website/landing page.
An expert industry journalist to develop high quality content with you for your sponsored post. Our journalist offers a very flexible approach so can; interview your organisations thoughts leaders, re-purpose an existing media release or content and create content using a white paper or research report.
Full editorial approval rights.
Your choice of accompanying image or graphic.
The option to repurpose on your channels or for any marketing purpose.

Other Advertising Opportunities

About the Membership Directory 

The Membership Directory is an invaluable resource, providing comprehensive listings of Property Council Members in each state, territory and division, as well as information on Property Council Board Members, Corporate Leaders, National Members, and Honorary Life Members. It also includes a Trade Index, Members Index and Representatives Index. This is the flagship publication for the Property Council with a shelf life of a full calendar year and is a must-have hard copy directory for key executives in the property industry. 

Produced every January, it will be mailed to over 2,200 key member contacts, committee and divisions council members, national board and life members. This includes the best of the best in the property industry from all sectors: property developers, property owners, property managers, investors, superfunds, architects, construction companies, consultants, engineers, government agencies etc. 

Advertising options range from inside cover positions, to full page and half page coloured adverts, all in premium positions and strictly limited to ensure they stand out.

For more information email [email protected].

Retirement Living e-newsletter

As part of the Property Council, the Retirement Living Council plays a critical role in delivering affordable housing, wellbeing and care services to older Australians. 

The retirement living sector is one of the most exciting sectors in Australia to be part of. 

The retirement living e-newsletter is distributed every three weeks to more than 3,000 members, resident and service provider representatives who focus on the retirement sector.

You have the opportunity to engage directly with our readership through advertising in our e-newsletter.

Each e-newsletter contains news about our state and national advocacy, relevant changes to laws and regulations, information about our upcoming events and professional development opportunities and articles about important sector trends.

Advertising options include story tiles, banners and editorial/advertorial positions.

For more information email [email protected]