Glossary of Property Terms
DATE 15 Feb 2007
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Clear communication is essential for good business. The use of standard terminology both informs a market and makes it more efficient.

Glossary of Property Terms is a joint publication of the Property Council of Australia, Australian Property Institute and Real Estate Institute of Australia. It defines terms commonly used by property practitioners, from sophisticated analysts to mum and dad investors. Each term has undergone a thorough comparative analysis with existing definitions from a wide range of sources.

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Terms and Conditions

While the material contained in this publication is based on information which the Property Council of Australia (including its Directors, officers, employees and agents, hereafter referred to as the Property Council) understands to be reliable, its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. This publication is general and does not take into account the particular circumstances or needs of any person who may read it. You should obtain independent advice from suitably qualified consultants and professionals before making any decisions in relation to the contents of this publication. The Property Council is not liable and accepts no responsibility for any claim, loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by any person or corporation who relies or seeks to rely on any information, advice or opinion contained in this publication, or otherwise given by the Property Council.