Meeting the diverse housing needs of a growing Western Australian population is a challenging task. Requirements across the spectrum of housing vary widely, and demand a comprehensive policy response to ensure the delivery of housing supply is responsive to demand, cost effective, meets infill objectives and maintains market affordability.

Research conducted by the Property Council WA has identified that the current development pipeline, particularly for infill development, has been severely compromised by ongoing skills shortages. While the impact of pipeline disruptions is unlikely to be fully felt in the immediate term, swift action is required to avert a future housing and affordability crisis.

To offset potential economic damage, we must remove barriers to investment, develop alternative housing models and make a concerted effort to address labour shortages. Importantly, impacts across the spectrum of housing are interrelated and it is impossible to address issues in isolation. Focusing all efforts on delivering social housing without addressing policy barriers to private market affordability and rental availability will result in an increase in social housing demand, irrespective of sector investment.

This report considers the policy opportunities to address current conditions and stabilise long-term housing supply and affordability. The objective is to remove the need for ongoing policy intervention in the housing market and provides 15 recommendations to address housing supply.