Property Council responds to Climate Adaptation Directions Statement

Feedback has been provided to the Government by the Property Council on their Climate Adaptation Strategy Directions Statement. The statement, released in late 2016, aims to inform industries and communities about the Government’s planned approach to mainstreaming climate adaptation through the impending State Climate Adaptation Strategy.

As a member of the Government’s Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy Partners group, the Property Council has actively supported the development of the Government’s three-part program of work to position the state to understand, respond and adapt to the changing climate.

The Property Council’s response to the directions paper has supported the Government’s commitment to facilitate partnerships with stakeholders from key sectors to develop sectoral adaptation plans. The submission also encourages greater investment in programs such as QCoast2100, which increase certainty for property owners around their level of risk and how adaptation activities could reduce this risk.

The Property Council has previously responded to the State Government’s climate transition strategy discussion paper, outlining potential policy responses that would encourage a continued transition towards a low-carbon economy without compromising economic growth or job creation.