Unlocking growth through infrastructure

The Property Council of Australia has lodged a submission on the Government’s Delivering an Infrastructure Plan for Queensland Directions Paper, highlighting the need to examine new funding models to deliver infrastructure that unlocks economic growth.

Queensland has been without an infrastructure plan for three years. Prior to this period, several iterations of state and regional infrastructure plans existed, however the majority were unfunded, and there was a high degree of uncertainty regarding the prioritisation process.

With limitations on the public funds available to finance the infrastructure we need, Building Queensland must take the lead in changing the way we prioritise and invest in infrastructure in Queensland.

This includes the examination of new funding models, such as ‘UK City Deals’, whereby there is a greater focus on the economic growth and jobs that infrastructure unlocks, rather than traditional measures of cost and benefit, such as upfront cost to the Government or alleviation of traffic congestion.

The submission available in the PDF link below provides nine recommendations for the Government to consider in formulating the State Infrastructure Plan. These recommendations are:

1 Link land use planning with infrastructure planning.

2. Draw on the model of Local Government Infrastructure Plans to inform the development of the State Infrastructure Plan.

3. Prioritise catalytic infrastructure.

4. Implement a process for involving all government agencies in the development of the State Infrastructure Plan.

5. Monitor and report on return on investment form infrastructure.

6. Develop a transparent framework for unsolicited proposals.

7. Ensure effectiveness, equity and efficiency in alternative funding models.

8. Investigate a pilot project for ‘UK City Deals’ in South East Queensland.

9. Reduce reliance on infrastructure charges (developer levies) in funding infrastructure.

The Government will now formulate a draft State Infrastructure Plan that will be released for consultation later this year.