QCA Industry Assistance Review Draft Report

The Property Council of Australia has lodged a submission on the Queensland Competition Authority’s (QCA) Industry Assistance Review Draft Report.

The Draft Report notes the Government will provide the industry with $754 million in assistance measures from 2013-2018.

As the largest contributor to GSP in the state, the Property Council considers it appropriate that the Government prioritises measurers that will promote activity in the property sector, thereby creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.

The Property Council’s submission provides four recommendations:

1. Retain the Great Start Grant in its current format.

2. Investigate a replacement program for NRAS.

3. Retain the Priority Infrastructure Co-investment Program, including the public release of prioritisation criteria.

4. Ensure the final report on industry assistance measures accurately reflects the contents of the Springfield Land Corporation Loan Agreement.

Whilst the QCA is reviewing industry assistance, the Hon Curtis Pitt MP, confirmed in his recent speech at the Property Council’s Annual Treasurer’s Address, that there will be no changes to the First Home Owner Construction Grant in the upcoming budget.

The submission is available at the PDF link below.