The Queensland Plan working draft

The Property Council have lodged a submission on The Queensland Plan: a 30 – year vision for Queensland working draft.

While the Property Council has provided a submission on the plan’s Foundation Areas through the online survey, this submission, lodged with the Hon. Andrew Powell MP, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection is focused on the overarching strategy that underpins the Plan.

The key concerns outlined in the submission included the need to:

  • Include quantifiable goals backed up by statistical baseline data and expert advice.
  • Develop a governance structure for the plan which includes an Audit Committee and Community Engagement Board.
  • Ensure a formal, regular review process is instated to keep each target current and relevant.
  • Provide detail of the legislative power of the Plan for public comment.

The Property Council has been supportive of the Plan throughout its formation and held a workshop in 2013 in partnership with the BEMPQ Alliance to capture industry’s perceptions of the plans Foundation Areas.

The Queensland Plan also plays a major role in the Property Council’s 2014 advocacy agenda Building a Prosperous Queensland. Each of the Property Council’s 5 strategies are directly aligned with the core principles of the Plan.

The Property Council looks forward to investigating the detail of the plans implementation process and legislative structure before its release.

The submission can be found at the PDF link below.

Queensland Plan Sub
(Adobe PDF File)