Environmental Offsets Bill 2014

The Property Council has lodged a submission with the Agriculture, Resources and Environment Parliamentary Committee on the Environmental Offsets Bill 2014.

The Property Council supports the development of a single, integrated environmental offsets policy, to provide a consistent approach to the determination and delivery of offsets in Queensland.

However, concerns remain regarding the delivery and implementation of the framework.

The Property Council has raised a number of concerns with the framework, and has provided recommendations for each. These recommendations include:

  • Introducing an exemption for urban development in areas identified for urban purposes.
  • Limiting the scope of local government offset policies and immediately introduce the cap of 1:4 on local government offsets.
  • Immediately undertaking consultation on the proposed dispute resolution process and revise requirements regarding staging and conditions.
  • Reviewing inputs into the financial offsets calculator to ensure a fair system that meets stated policy objectives.
  • Allowing for consultation on the materials developed to support and implement the Bill, prior to their finalisation.

The submission can be found at the PDF link above.