Property Council of Australia submission to the Review of International offsets: consultation paper

The Property Council of Australia welcomes the opportunity to make a review to the Climate Change Authority on the Review of International offsets: consultation paper. We recognise the significant body of work undertaken by the Climate  Change  Authority leading to this review  and thankyou for your ongoing consultation with the property sector.

Through  the  government’s Long-term   Emissions   Reduction   Plan,   Australia   has   committed   to decarbonise  our  economy  by  2050 and  this  must  include  the  built  environment.  To  create  the regulatory certainty needed to achieve this objective, we recommend the Commonwealth builds on the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings and commits to a sector specific plan for the built environment to achieve net zero. This plan should include a coordinated approach to decarbonisation that outlines, among other measures, the  specific role  of offsets  for the built  environment for medium and long-term scenarios.