Property Council feedback on Tranche 1 proposals: Amendments to the telecommunications powers and immunities framework

The property industry enthusiastically shares the Government’s objective of “Australians having ready access to high-quality, reliable and affordable telecommunications services” as our members create spaces where people work, play and live and in today’s modern world, telecommunication plays a growing role in those activities.
The Property Council and our members have engaged constructively through various rounds of consultation on changes proposed to the Powers and Immunities framework, all the while reiterating the need for more substantial changes to the framework to check the worst behaviour of carriers. The imperious and sometimes aggressive behaviour of carriers in their dealings with building owners sees owners bearing unreasonable health and safety risks and costs on their premises and puts building users at greater risk.
We are disappointed to see the proposals put forward in the current Tranche 1 phase focus on carrier demands without providing sufficient attention or balance to the long held and previously articulated concerns of land and building owners