Inquiry into housing affordability and supply

Our cities and towns are at their most liveable and productive when people and communities have the housing choice and affordable options they need. However, the job-creating success of HomeBuilder and NHFIC’s New Home Guarantee highlights a housing supply crisis in NSW and QLD, while our Urbis research shows Australian capital city apartment supply will be only 21 per cent of 2018 levels by 2024.
The Property Council, whose members are the leaders of the industry across every asset class, and the Residential Development Council, Australia’s leading developers, thanks the Committee for this opportunity to discuss the 3 best ideas for boosting housing supply productivity and affordability.

1. Federal Housing Supply Deals to unblock urgent supply bottlenecks 
2. A Federal ‘Harper’ taskforce on National Competition Policy - style housing productivity incentives including in the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA)
3. Prioritise the most productive supply investment reform