Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Submission

The Property Council appreciates the opportunity to provide a submission to the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements following the 2019-2020 bushfire season. Our thoughts remain with those who have lost loved ones, livelihoods and property in these devastating fires and with those who are still rebuilding and recovering from these events.
The Property Council hopes the Commonwealth and state and territory governments will use the aftermath of the these bushfires to reset and engage communities to develop a local, place-based approach to resilience that will help people survive and adapt positively to any chronic shocks and acute stresses they may face. Decisive action on climate change mitigation and adaptation is necessary if we are to avoid the worst projected impacts, which would include more frequent bushfire seasons of the scale and intensity we witnessed during this past fire season.
Our members are the leaders of, and owners and investors in, Australia’s property industry and have a long-term stake in helping our capital and regional cities to thrive.
As a nation, we need a comprehensive national policy framework to reduce our emissions to net zero by 2050. Our efforts to protect people’s health and wellbeing, the natural environment and the economy’s potential to prosper into the future will be enhanced by smart adaptation to our changing climate.