Built Environment peak bodies’ submission to Carbon Abatement Expert Panel

Our organisations represent the spectrum of Australia’s built environment from property owners to builders, designers, product manufacturers, engineers and service providers. We welcome the establishment of this expert panel and thank you for the opportunity to provide input to opportunities for further emissions abatement in response to the panel’s discussion paper.

The discussion paper correctly notes that while commercial and residential buildings present low-cost abatement opportunities through energy efficiency measures, several structural barriers preclude participation in the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). In this submission, we briefly restate the design reasons why the ERF cannot and will not drive abatement in buildings; this advice is consistent with guidance we have provided to the Government over a number of years.

We also suggest areas of opportunity for the Commonwealth to leverage the Climate Solutions Fund with more targeted programs for the built environment. As an industry, we have compiled a wealth of research on these matters over the past decade and would be very pleased to meet with you and discuss our research and recommendations in more detail.