Ai Group, PCA, EEC Joint submission – King Review 

The Australian industry Group, the Property Council of Australia and the Energy Efficiency Council welcome the opportunity to provide input into your review.
Our organisations represent Australia's manufacturing, property and energy management industries.
We commend the discussion paper's focus on energy efficiency as a source of low-cost abatement.
This is a largely untapped opportunity in Australia, including in the manufacturing and property sectors. We also note that energy efficiency – and energy management more broadly – have a range of other immediate benefits. Energy efficiency can provide relief to businesses dealing with higher gas and electricity costs. And proactive energy management from businesses can take substantial load off the grid, and improve system reliability and security.
While the demand side has a critical role in dealing with Australia’s pressing energy challenges, government action on energy management has been limited, especially when compared to Australia’s global competitors.
Our organisations strongly believe a comprehensive, integrated policy approach in this area is in the national interest.