North West Priority Growth Area SEPP

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on the draft North West Priority Growth
Area Land Use and lnfrastructure lmplementation Plan. The Department's endeavour to
rationalise existing statutory planning controls and prioritise the delivery of infrastructure, urban
development and open space through to 2027 and beyond is welcome.

The lmplementat¡on Plan is a timely refresh of the approach to planning for the North West
Priority Growth Area outlining eight key actions to guide the ongoing development of the area,

L. Provide more land supply for new homes
2. Protect and plan for major transport corridors
3. Manage residential densities to align with infrastructure
4. Protect assets and plan for evacuation
5. Transfer more planning controls back to local councils
6. Simplify planning controls within the Blacktown precincts in the North West Priority
Growth Area
7. Review infrastructure requirements and accelerate funding for capital works
8. lmprove pedestrian, cycle and green connectivity

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