Planning for prosperity

As we approach the final weeks before the Victorian state elections, the Property Council is deep in strategy mode.

Through our events, government relations and advocacy, we are calling all candidates to make Victoria’s economic growth as their top priority by making this state the best place to invest, manage and own property.

The property and construction sector is Victoria’s biggest employer and industry player – it pays $15.8 billion in taxes to local and state governments, it represents 10 per cent of the state’s total workforce and it contributes 30 per cent to Gross State Profit.

With so many Victorians depending upon it being strong, this is an industry that cannot be overlooked in this important time. Unsurprisingly many of the issues which are now emerging as election talking points – such as housing affordability, infrastructure delivery and public transport - are linked on some level to the industry’s health and prosperity.

The Property Council believes that any plan for prosperity should take into account four key areas: promoting growth and prosperity, infrastructure delivery, boosting property competitiveness and improving housing affordability. These goals are the vital to set Victoria on the path to economic growth. They are also the touchstones for our industry’s future and underpin all the recommendations that we have called for this year.

Regardless of the outcome of the November election, the next four years for us will be vital for driving home the message for change. Our advocacy and research work going forward will be guided by the bold agenda set out in our Policy Platform. On issues such as tax reform, housing affordability, sustainability, city building, retirement living, population growth, workplace relations, local government, regulation, infrastructure and planning, we will continue to advocate to deliver benefits for our members.

The dedication and support of our members will, as always, play an important part in our efforts. As always, our policy committees have helped to drive our research and advocacy efforts by providing their expertise and industry insight.

As you read through this edition of Property Victoria, I hope you will be gain a solid understanding of the competing visions put forward by both sides of government.

During this state election campaign, the industry will be watching very closely to see whether the political parties commit to our plan for prosperity.