Living with uncertainty

No one likes uncertainty, but we know it’s part of life.

Predictability allows us to plan with confidence, but those who expect absolute certainty in life are bound to be disappointed.

It’s clear that Australia, like other nations, is grappling with change. Though we do not know the final outcome – we accept and respect the result because in a democracy it is the voters’ prerogative to choose the parliament.

While we do not know if Australia will have a majority or minority government, our hope is that we end up with a workable Parliament that can deliver the stable government that Australia needs.

We have areas of agreement and disagreement with both sides – but we stand ready to work with whatever party forms government and the rest of the Parliament.

The temptation for all in politics will be to think that the result gives them a ‘three-year leave pass’ from economic reform. 

We cannot give up on reform – nor can we give up on explaining reform.

There was a remarkable co-incidence that occurred last week. Thursday 30 June marked the completion of 25 years of economic growth.

It’s a remarkable achievement – but it’s an achievement built on 25 years of good economic management.

We can’t give up on that – because if we do, we will be giving up on the prosperity that our country needs.

No matter who forms government, we will continue to put the case for policies that strengthen the economy and our industry.