Medium density, maximum liveability

Like many Australian cities, Perth is undergoing a transformation.

More than two million people call Perth home and some see it becoming Australia’s third largest city.

Developing new housing models that accommodate a larger population without risking Perth’s prized liveability is a challenge. But it's a challenge that our industry is embracing, with some interesting allies.

Last week the Property Council, architectural film CODA and the Australian Greens staged Design Perth – a competition to encourage architects to think creatively about the future of our cities.

Eight teams were given a site and asked to create a people-friendly, mixed-use development.

The winning team at COX Architecture came up with a clever design with flexible floorplates, 360-degree views and access to the Swan River – a truly inspiring illustration of how medium density can deliver maximum liveability.

Innovation in our cities is the key to the future. A message the new PM seems to have heard loud and clear.