A New Year

Welcome back! I hope the sun, sand and over-indulgence were good for you.

2015 is set to be a big political year, with elections in Queensland and NSW, a new Victorian government still bedding itself down, and a federal government grappling to get control of its reform agenda.

While Campbell Newman’s surprise decision to call a snap January election caught many on the hop, the Property Council was well prepared.

Last week we launched our election advocacy agenda, Brighter communities and a stronger economy. The package sets out six clear initiatives to strengthen Queensland’s planning system and ensure a fair go for all Queensland taxpayers. Please take a moment to have a look.

As last week’s Property Council / ANZ Survey showed, our industry is emerging as the main driver of economic and jobs growth as the country transitions from a reliance on mining investment.

Smart politicians should take heed. Doing what’s right for this sector might just be the best way for them to get themselves elected!