ICAC revelations

What are we to make of the continuing ICAC revelations in NSW?

First, it's a good idea to obey the law, whether you're a politician or a property executive.

It's been illegal for property companies to make political donations in NSW since 2009. So don't do it.

Second, it's a dumb law. It was introduced by a panicked Labor government on its last legs desperately looking to re-establish trust with voters.

It doesn't make sense to attempt to carve out one section of the business community in this way. Nor is it fair to treat the industry as some sort of political pariah. One set of rules for all please.

Third, if politicians are looking for corruption proofing options, just fix the planning system. Responsive plans, clear rules, fast processes, professional staff, apolitical consent authorities; this is the recipe. Attack the motivations and opportunities for corruption at their source.

Recent blueprints in Western Australia and South Australia point the way. Let's hope NSW legislators are listening.