Your water bills are changing

Soon, you may notice your Water Corporation bills look different. Water Corporation have made changes to the bill following feedback from many customers, including property managers and businesses. The improved bill is designed to make it easier to understand your charges and water use.

What does this mean for you?

Water Corporation has successfully tested the improved bill design with several property managers and large businesses using barcode-based systems PropertyMe and Property Tree, and optical character recognition (OCR) based systems.

There should be no impact to the way you process bills. If you’d like to test the new bill with your system so you can be ready for the changeover, please visit the Water Corporation website to download a sample.

If you have any system-reading issues, please email Water Corporation.

Will the way you receive your bills change?

The way you currently receive your bills will stay the same. It’s just the format of the bill which has changed.

How will this impact tenants?

If your tenants receive a bill directly from Water Corporation, they’ll also receive information on how to read and understand the new bill. Tenants who you bill shouldn’t notice any change.

More information

If you have further questions or concerns about the new bill design, please visit the Water Corporation website.