New leadership in a new world

How do pandemics influence personal development? What opportunities exist to remould ourselves and make the most of a challenging few months? After a successful run in February, The New Leader program returns to help women in property unleash their leadership potential and adapt to the new world we face.

The two-day program, run by Lisa Baumwol, draws on her experience in business coaching and law to explore the development of new and flexible skills that drive greater success. It strengthens a participant’s position, now or in the future, to become a memorable, inspiring and authentic leader.

It brings together fellow travellers from across industry to network and embark on a shared journey towards career progression.

The program covers a wide range of emerging topics in leadership development. Some of those themes include:

  • The networking event – how to do it well and make it work for you
  • The secrets to fast rapport
  • The art of persuasion
  • Personal presence and the ‘X Factor’

The first edition of The New Leader, run prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, received great reviews and feedback from participants. Speaking after participating in February’s program, Gaelle Reymann, Business Development Manager at Thyssenkrupp, said “it’s a program full of advice and useful tools to become a responsible and confident leader in this world.”

“I truly encourage every woman to participate in this leadership workshop,” Ms Reymann continued.

Providing equal opportunity and promoting workplace diversity is more important than ever, with analysis showing women have been more adversely impacted by changes to employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Leader program reaffirms the Property Council’s commitment to gender diversity within industry, remaining a focus of our work throughout the pandemic.

Places for September’s program are limited and are sure to run out fast. To find out more information and secure your spot, click here.