Do you want to reduce your energy costs?


Natural gas is a low cost, low carbon and convenient energy source of choice for Australian consumers. It makes a fantastic addition to the energy mix and when you connect your project or home to gas.

ATCO is a customer-focused company that owns and operates the WA gas distribution network, supporting residential business, and commercial consumers across the state.  The company delivers construction and maintenance on the network, as well as providing gas consumer support.

ATCO would like to offer Property Council Members access to our free Energy Analysis service to assist with reducing building energy OPEX costs.

What do you need to do?

1.  Provide consent for ATCO to access your meter data from Western Power

2.  Provide a copy of your Annual Gas and Electricity bills

From this we will be able to offer some solutions depending on what you want to achieve.

Some examples include

•   Peak saving

•   General reduction in energy costs

•   Security of energy supply

•   NAEBERS or Green Star rating upgrades

Energy saving options such as air conditioning, renewable energy, power and heat generation, hybrid systems, fuel conversion, micro grids and battery storage will be considered when developing a proposed energy solution.

To learn more contact Lester Maher and the team at

ATCO is the official energy partner of Property Council WA