Think gas when developing your new project 

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When people build a home there are a myriad of decisions that need to be made.

One such decision Australian consumers battle with is whether to choose a gas or electric cooktop, with many homeowners wanting gas for cooking and other activities.

Lester Maher, Senior Manager Business Development at ATCO, the owner and operator of WA’s gas distribution network, explains while induction cooktops might have a cleaner look, many consumers prefer cooking with gas. It also has more advantages for the average Australian consumer, both financially and in terms of impact on the environment.

“Using gas to cook at home is roughly 30 per cent cheaper for a small family using a cooktop,” Mr Maher said.

Another benefit of gas is that supply is rarely interrupted, while electricity is vulnerable to power cuts.

“If the power goes out and you have gas you will still be able to cook and you will still be able to keep your house heated compared with a fully electric option,” he said.

Mr Maher said Australian consumers building new homes were fairly well versed in the benefits of gas, with around 98 per cent of households choosing it for their cooktops.

Electric cooktops can be a cheaper to install due to not having cost of installing copper piping, however many developers are unaware that ATCO is currently offering various capital contributions and infrastructure upgrades to help land developers in providing land buyers the option to have natural gas.

To learn about how to make natural gas an easy and financially viable energy option for your project contact Lester and the team at

ATCO is the official Energy Partner of Property Council WA.