‘A Wise Move’ Retirement Living Council campaign launches

The Retirement Living Council launched its 'A Wise Move' industry campaign this week, with ads airing across the country to promote retirement village living as the retirement option of choice.

Television ads will air in regular blocks across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA until June next year and the Retirement Living Council will be actively promoting the campaign on major talk radio stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, and on popular seniors’ websites like Starts at 60.

The campaign will focus on three goals.

  1. To increase awareness and understanding of retirement living
  2. To increase aspiration and desire for retirement living
  3. To rebuild trust in the industry

An integral part of the campaign is the launch of a new website AWiseMove.com.au as well as a downloadable publication containing detailed information for potential residents and village operators 'Book of Wise Moves'.

Retirement Living Council Executive Director Ben Myers said the campaign was part of a suite of initiatives providing practical tips to help potential residents make a wise move by choosing to live in a retirement village.

“The retirement living industry is working hard to listen to residents and is focused on ensuring that there is a much stronger focus on simplifying contracts and making retirement living as hassle free as possible," Mr Myers said.

“We want the experiences of residents in retirement villages to be the best experiences possible.

“This campaign is very much focused on increasing awareness and understanding of retirement living, so people can make an informed decision on what it’s all about and how it may help them.”

The 'A Wise Move' campaign has been many months in the making and wouldn't be possible without the support of the Retirement Living Council’s many funding partner organisations.

These funding partners will be promoted through the AWiseMove.com.au website, have access to any inquiries generated through the campaign and will be able to exclusively use the trade marked “A Wise Move” brand and other campaign material.

These cross-promotional benefits are still available should organisations wish to make a funding contribution. Contact Retirement Living Council Executive Director Ben Myers at [email protected] to find out more.

If you’d like to hear more about the campaign's development and goals, Australian advertising legend Russel Howcroft, one of the creative minds behind the “A Wise Move” concept, will speak at this year’s National Retirement Living Summit in Canberra on 29 and 30 November register at www.retirementlivingsummit.com.au.