Energy efficiency regulation for new homes

Victorian Government has announced it will review the energy efficiency regulations for new homes, as part of a $18.8 million package to address the energy performance of commercial and residential properties.

Part of the funding includes $8.9 million to:

  • Review the energy efficiency regulations for new homes that apply in Victoria;

  • Working with builders to construct high-efficiency homes in growth suburbs;

  • Drive industry compliance with energy efficiency regulations and,

  • Review energy efficiency requirements at a national level.

The Property Council understands that feasibility work is underway to explore options for working with stakeholders on these key initiatives and looks forward to providing feedback on behalf of industry. We welcome the announcement of $1.8 million in the new funding for a Better Commercial Buildings Program, which will help fund energy efficiency improvements for mid-tier commercial buildings. In line with our feedback to the Government, we are also pleased to see additional funding allocated to the continuation of the Residential Efficiency Scorecard, which provides households with an energy efficiency rating for their home on a 10 star scale.