Year in Review & 2020 Direction

With Christmas only three weeks away, many of us are scrambling to complete work whilst looking forward to a well-deserved and much needed break. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the Future Directions Committee of 2019/20, showcase what we have achieved throughout the year and provide you with our 2020 direction.

Who are we?
The Future Direction’s Committee is made up of 11 enthusiastic and aspirational property professionals who are under the age of 35 and are committed to developing their careers and contributing to the industry. We’re a diverse group of individuals with much of the industry covered, from lawyers to urban planners, engineers, construction, agency, developers and even a business owner, to name a few. 

What is our purpose?
Apart from bonding over a love of Gin & Tonics and a quest to win the lasagna at our monthly drinks, the purpose of the Future Directions committee is to create an avenue that brings young property professionals together, fostering long lasting relationships over their careers both within the committee and on a wider industry level.

What have we achieved?
Through our monthly meetings and the hard work which extends beyond these meetings, the committee has poured their efforts into two focus areas: firstly, building up the public presence of the committee through the creation of a Future Directions Committee (SA) LinkedIn Page (, which has assisted us in building a presence and, promoting our city and names to a wider audience. We’ve used this platform along with the resources of the Property Council of Australia to publish commentary written by our committee throughout the year pertaining to the costs and benefits arising from various industry trends or events. Some of the topics included: e-scooter rental programs that are continuously being tested, the rise in development of city living, the Renew Adelaide program and a review on the Sky City Development. 
In addition, the Future Directions Committee (SA) has hosted numerous successful events throughout the year. With 88 attendees, our ‘Meet the Leaders’ event was a standout. It gave young professionals the opportunity to ask industry leaders questions and gain an insight into their successful careers in an informal, relaxed environment. We also hosted two unique and successful events, the Skycity Tour and the Hackathon. And, although our monthly networking drinks at various locations were not as successful as we would have liked, we are committed to improving attendance rates in 2020. We concluded the year with a Christmas Party at Prohibition Gin Bar, a sold out event. 

What are we trying to achieve in 2020:
Further cementing the connections that were established in 2019 and organizing events that add value to both young professionals and their respective employers will be our primary focus leading into 2020. 
We will kick off the new year with an event focused on maximizing the various resources we each have at our disposable to be efficient and effective in our everyday professional life. The keynote speakers will focus on prioritization, goal setting, self-motivation and coping mechanisms in the modern and ever-changing work world. Our aim is to ultimately start the year, and the new decade, in an organized and strategic manner.
This will feed into other events which will be organized throughout the year to maintain momentum, remain focused and ensure we are persistent with our goals. Throughout the year there will be an abundance of opportunities to interact with industry professionals, establish new relationships and build a brand in the marketplace.

As we come to the end of 2019, we would like to say thank you to Georgia Burrato, Torie Brown, Brad Newman, Daniel Gannon and Steve Maras. Also, a big thank you to our sponsor RPS, which have been a great support to the Committee throughout this year and into the next.
From the Future Directions Committee, we wish you a happy festive season and we look forward to seeing you in 2020.