The National Retirement Living Awards, Australia’s premier retirement living awards, recognise and celebrate excellence across the retirement living sector.  
The Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year recognises outstanding results in leading and driving sales of retirement living units/apartments.  
We spoke with Alison Abel, winner of the 2020 Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year to hear from a previous winner her own secret formula to being a leader in the industry.  

Alison credited her success to having diligence and passion. From a young age Alison has worked by the ethos “something worth doing is worth doing well.” 
“It was a result of a high level of commitment, dedication, critical thinking in challenging the status quo, hard work and many hours in developing a proven sales process that delivers an outstanding customer experience in an industry that I am not only passionate about, but believe in,” Alison said.  
Alison outlined that the factors of time, effort and determination are what will put someone in pole position to win a National Retirement Living Award.  
“A commitment to being a critical thinker daily. Actively looking for ways to provide a different experience from everyone else around you. Create your customer journey, believe in your customer journey, and always be looking at ways to refine it.”  
Alison described winning the Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year as unbelievably exciting and humbling, pointing out that these awards can be achieved by anyone with drive.  
“Winning is achievable by every single person, just remember, anything worth achieving takes time, effort and determination! 
“Always have the thirst to learn and commit to personal development. Have a mentor to keep you on track. Keep one step ahead of what others in your field are doing – don’t stand idle, educate and keep well educated. 

“Most importantly – believe in yourself and your individual process and have fun bringing your unique personality to the table!” 
Alison is an exemplary figure in the industry and a deserved winner of the 2020 Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year.  
Nominations for the 2021 National Retirement Living Awards are now open and will close on 21 May. With only three weeks left to nominate make you still have time to get your submissions in. Visit the official Awards website for all the information about nominating.