The PwC/Property Council Retirement Census 2020

The PwC/Property Council Retirement Census 2020 data collection launches on 20 July and runs until 31 August.

Started in 2014, the Census is the most comprehensive and accurate data collection in Australia.

The benefits of participating and facilitating this data collection are incredibly valuable. By having an as complete as possible database of the retirement living sector the Retirement Living Council is able to create strong advocacy points.

By participating in this Census operators can help the RLC and the wider industry identify trends in the industry and identify points of strength and points of improvement.

By benchmarking your business in the Census, particularly after continual participation, you will be contributing to an industry initiative unlike any other.

Contribute to knowledge about the sector by establishing a strong data narrative, through this, potential investors into the sector will be able to draw upon an enormous wealth of information to influence their decision.

Participants in the survey will receive a free 60+ page report from PwC. This report is not available for purchase and is only available to participating retirement communities. It is the most complete and comprehensive industry report available.

The Retirement Living Council will be in touch with members and 2019 participants about contributing to the upcoming data collection process.

If you’re not a member and you want to participate email to register your interest today.